One Direction finds cougars with sweet rides in ‘Midnight Memories’ video

I”m convinced that one reason for One Direction”s continued success is that they don”t take themselves too seriously. They are, of course, not the Beatles- though they inspire the same type of crazed devotion from they young fans – but they have tapped into the fun spirit that the early Beatles adopted for “A Hard Day”s Night.”

That trend continues in the Ben Winston-directed video for “Midnight Memories,” the title track to the current album and “Pour Some Sugar on Me” soundalike.

The ’80s rock-inspired tune finds our five lads bored out of their skulls at a party. Anyone they want to talk to doesn”t want to talk to them and vice versa. They blow that lemonade stand for the kielbasa  joint next door and then hook up with some sharp-looking cougars who have sweet rides.

To be sure, the countdown clock is ticking on One Direction”s fame (though not before they come back to the US this summer for another sold-out tour), as it must on all teen acts, but they will be remembered for making the most of their 15 minutes.