Oscar bait! ‘ClownTown’ is a horror flick about a town full of evil clowns

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What happens when a bunch of stiff actors happen upon a town inhabited only by clowns? ClownTown presumably has the answer. The films looks pretty vicious, with a sprinkling of female nudity. And I got to admit, it doesn't look that great. But what do I know? Maybe it's an unheralded masterpiece. Perhaps a millennia from now, someone will find the digital files for this movie under some rubble and figure this is how we all lived. We spoke with no inflection and were always on the run from feral clowns.

The movie does have some nice logic going for it. It makes sense that clowns travel in packs. Who else could tolerate them? No one wants to see Pagliacci and Marcel Marceau in an interpretive dance war for days on end.  

It's not quite clear how the clowns took control of this town. Did they buy up all the real estate?  With their career choices, I can't imagine they're in the “ownership society.” Clowns owe us money for being so creepy. They're a blight on humanity. The term “evil clown” is redundant. Clowns are the personification of evil and we all know it. A town full of clowns is a reasonable premise for a horror movie. It's also a cautionary tale; we need to consider the steps we are taking as a people if we're to prevent this from happening.

We've been warned about robots. We need to stay vigilant about clowns. Thank you, ClownTown.

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