Oscars will celebrate heroes

01.14.14 4 years ago

Oscars will celebrate heroes
The Academy Awards theme this year is heroes — real-life heroes, superheroes, popular heroes and animated heroes.

“Bones” taps a new Squintern
“The Young and the Restless” vet Ignacio Serricchio will play a Cuban-born prominent forensic anthropologist who has to work his way up again.

TLC “Cheer Perfect” mom arrested for allegedly raping a minor

Andrea Clevenger, 34, is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy.

Roger Ebert documentary Kickstarter reaches its $150,000 goal

“Life Itself” will be based on Ebert’s memoir.

“Real World Ex-Plosion” is up from Portland, but ranks as one of the franchise’s lowest-ever premieres
About 950,000 watched the 29th season premiere.

“Archer” announces Kenny Loggins duet, country-themed soundtrack
Loggins will sing “Danger Zone” with Charlene.

CW placing an “Originals” ad mocking “Pretty Little Liars” on ABC Family

Watch the ad urging “PLL” fans to change the channel.

Does winning 2 Golden Globes boost “Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s” chances for a 2nd season?

“We don’t know, but it would be a pretty baller move of (Kevin Reilly, FOX Entertainment chairman) to cancel us today,” says Mike Schur. PLUS: Why Super Bowl is unlikely to affect “Brooklyn’s” ratings.

Jimmy Kimmel sends Juan Pablo to ask random people about “The Bachelor”
Most people didn’t recognize that Juan Pablo was “The Bachelor.”

Check out Mindy Kaling’s college comic strips

Kaling created “Badly Drawn Girl” for the campus newspaper The Dartmouth.

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