Our new Han Solo’s mom gave him some ‘Star Wars’ cred at Celebration

Today's Star Wars Celebration events in London didn't produce many “wow” reveals compared to the last few days but they did provide a lot of heart.

Alden Ehrenreich was officially introduced as playing young Han Solo even though we've all known about it for several months.


Directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller revealed the actor was first to audition out of 3,000 people and had an impressive screen test with Chewbacca inside the Millenium Falcon. But the really great part came a bit later.



Yup, that's Bossk and Han himself. On top of a box marked “Star Wars.” I'll never insist actors be fans of what they're acting in but it does make it a lot more fun.

John Boyega also join them on stage for a bit and upon looking at Ehrenreich said “He”s smiling just like Han!” And even though director Rian Johnson joked about leaving Finn in that coma for the entirety of Episode VIII, Boyega confirmed he'll be just fine.