Pamela Anderson will be in the ‘Baywatch’ movie, and all is right with the world

Pamela Anderson is going to be in the Baywatch movie, because of course she is.

Dwayne “I still call him The Rock” Johnson made the announcement on his Instagram, with a photo of himself and Anderson on the set. She won't be playing her character from the TV series — the part of CJ Parker is now owned by Kelly Rohrback — and the extent of her role is unknown. My guess is it'll be limited to a short cameo, but one that apparently paid enough for her to get over her initial reservations over appearing in a remake. 

Last month, Johnson announced that David Hasselhoff would also appear in the film, and posted a photo with the original Mitch Buchannon a few weeks later.

So, without further ado, here's The Rock and Pamela Anderson, ready to make movie magic: