‘Pan Am’ star takes flight to FOX comedy pilot

Presumably sensing the tone of the room, Mike Vogel has become the first star this development season to force us to whip out our definition of the industry term “second position.”
According to Deadline.com, Mike Vogel has landed the lead in FOX’s single-camera comedy pilot “Living Loaded,” based on the book by Dan Dunn and executive produced and co-written by Rob McElhenney of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.”
Scripted by Dunn, McElhenney and Rob Rosell, the pilot focuses on a hard-partying blogger (Vogel, naturally) who becomes an NPR host and has to change his lifestyle.
Vogel, who managed to appear in “The Help” long enough to earn a piece of the film’s ensemble SAG Award, is currently starring in “Pan Am,” a series he joined after the original pilot was shot. The ABC drama has been drawing dismal ratings on Sundays, but it has been more successful abroad, placing “Pan Am” on the bubble for the network. “Living Loaded” is in second position on Vogel’s slate, meaning that he’d leave the comedy in the somewhat unlikely event of a “Pan Am” renewal.