Paula Deen dumps her legal team, hires another

Paula Deen dumps her legal team, hires another
Deen reportedly felt her old team was “out of their depth.”

No, a “Sharknado” cannot happen in real life
A spokesperson for the National Weather Service says: “‘Sharknado’ seems to fulfill Syfy’s description as ‘a media destination for imagination-based entertainment.” PLUS: Tara Reid on her “Sharknado” role, and “Sharknado” writer says: “This is the most ridiculous thing I”ve ever read… I’M IN!”

NBC orders “Wall of Fame,” a family game show featuring celebrities
They’ll battle it out in a game of pop-culture trivia.

Jane Lynch thanks Fox for letting her host “Hollywood Game Night” on NBC
She says of the game show, premiering tonight: “You need to be up on your Madonna and your Oprah and your Brad Pitt, your movies and your songs.”

More “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” details revealed

We’ll have to wait to learn Agent Coulson’s story.

Aubrey Plaza is “dangerously funny”

The “Parks and Rec” star gets a NY Times profile as her career begins soaring. PLUS: Jean-Ralphio will be back.

“Shark Week” shoes available
Toms shoes has come out with a limited edition “Shark Week” line to fund conservation efforts.

Why waste a roast on James Franco?

There are better celebrities Comedy Central could’ve targeted.

“The Simpsons” theme park is out of “Bort” name tags

Fans have been grabbing Bort in reference to a Season 6 episode in which Bart couldn’t find his name.

“Airplane Repo” debuts on Discovery

The new reality show delves into the world of airplane repossession.

“The Vampire Diaries” is back at work
See pics from the set of Season 5, which won’t premiere until mid-October.

“Sons of Anarchy’s” Kurt Yaeger joins “Quarry”

He’ll co-star in the Marine sniper Cinemax drama.