Pic: Tracy Morgan is all smiles returning home from rehabilitation facility

07.14.14 5 years ago

Pic: Tracy Morgan is all smiles returning home from rehabilitation facility
“I”m OK,” Morgan said after getting into a car service. “I feel strong. Love you. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.”

Unrest in Israel leads FX”s “Tyrant” and USA”s “Dig” to delay production
“Tyrant,” which is shooting in Tel Aviv, will relocate to Turkey, while the Jerusalem-based “Dig” will extend its current previously scheduled hiatus by a few days.

Here”s your 1st look at Lifetime”s Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown
Yaya DaCosta and Arlen Escarpata are starring in the Angela Bassett-directed “Whitney.”

Erin Andrews replacing Pam Oliver as Fox Sports” lead NFL sideline reporter
This is the 2nd time in as many months that Andrews has taken over somebody else”s job, after becoming “Dancing with the Stars” co-host earlier this year. This time she”s replacing Oliver, who”s been the lead sideline reporter for two decades. Oliver will move to the No. 2 team before exiting sideline reporting next year.

“Heroes: Reborn”: “The vast, vast majority are brand new characters, brand new ideas”
Despite the return of Jack Coleman and some interest by Zachary Quinto, “Heroes” creator Tim Kring says the emphasis will be on new characters. “If it was all completely brand new, we”d miss certain elements that need  to be there to give you that bridge to cross to something new,” he says. “I approached Coleman because he was a character who had a spine through the series that allowed you to meet new characters.”

Jenny McCarthy is going from “The View” to her own SiriusXM show
She”ll host the weekly show “Dirty, Sexy, Funny With Jenny McCarthy.”

NBC”s “Constantine” character won”t be bisexual, but will smoke cigarettes
The producers explained at the press tour how the DC Comics character will and won”t be different.

Matt Stone on Hulu”s “South Park” deal: “What we do is expensive…”
“It takes a lot of people,” he says, “and it makes sense to put it through windows in a way that produces a lot of value. We do what we do because we act like we own the stuff and try to surf whatever wave is out there.”

Fox gets new bosses
Dana Walden and Gary Newman replace Kevin Reilly, who exited last month after seven years from the entertainment side of the network.

Brawl breaks out at Bravo”s “Game of Crowns” premiere party
Two husbands on the pageant reality show got into a fight last night.

“Parks and Rec”s” Retta: Amy Poehler told me, “I”m not working with babies”
That, Retta explains, is why they ended up doing the time jump.

Check out “The Walking Dead”s” Norman Reedus gagged and bound
Here”s a striking image from Season 5. PLUS: Steven Yuen previews the season premiere.

Meet the full “Bachelor in Paradise” cast
Each episode will add two new “Bachelor” alums. PLUS: Renne Oteri is pregnant.

Ben Feldman can”t escape questions about his “Mad Men” nipple
Feldman has been asked a lot about his nipple while promoting his new NBC comedy “A to Z.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar”s new gig: Working at a lemonade stand
The former “Crazy Ones” star tweeted an image yesterday of her sitting at a roadside lemonade stand.

“Madam Secretary” adds a rebellious eldest daughter
Wallis Currie-Wood will play the daughter of Tea Leoni”s secretary of state character.

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