‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Super Bowl spot has the girls in the big leagues now

There”s not a lot in this “Pitch Perfect” commercial that we haven”t seen in the trailer, but who cares!? The girls are graduating from college and moving on to the secret A cappella underground – which is a delightfully absurd concept – and finally the World Championships. 

Bonus: The movie is poking fun at A cappella stereotypes by having one of the speakeasy groups consist of budget “Magic Mike” cast.

The difficult thing about making a sequel to any “plucky underdogs rise to become the best and take home the gold/title/crown/cup,” story is creating a circumstance where the team is knocked back down to underdog status in a believable way. Being thrown out into the real world and discovering you can compete in A cappella professionally seems legit to me.

“Pitch Perfect” dances into theaters on May 15, 2015.