‘Project Runway’ recap: Another designer quits the show? What?

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Okay, buckle up, “PR” fans — this is apparently the episode that gets all hella lotta crazy, as Heidi Klum promised while promoting the season. Apparently Andrea’s nighttime exodus is only the beginning of the melting down this season. I’m not sure if means we’re in for lots of drama or just more stealth exiting from the show, which isn’t dramatic so much as it’s annoying. When you have clothes in your closet that are older than the designers calling you “immature,” maybe that’s a sign you blew it big time. Talking to you, Andrea.

The next morning, Christopher tells his roommates that feels really, really bad about throwing Andrea under the bus, but he felt it was necessary that the judges knew about her. And he doesn’t even know she’s left yet! Yeah, let’s see if he can hang on to his “had to pull off the Band-Aid” platform later.

Kooan is depressed. Gunnar thinks the pressure is getting to him. It seems Mr. Chatty hasn’t been talking or smiling or dancing with his hair pick, which suggests his fellow designers think he’s like a small puppy that’s come down with a lethal bacterial infection. He’s such a happy dog, what could possibly be wrong?

The designers meet Tim and Michael Kors at his flagship store on Madison Avenue. Before he reveals the challenge, he tells everyone about Andrea’s exit. He’s almost 100 percent sure she’s not dead or in the hospital, but no one can get a hold of her. Christopher feels a bad joke has been played on him. Because, as we all know, this is about him!

The designers weigh in on Andrea’s midnight walk of shame. Buffi thinks it was wrong of her to quit. Ven thinks it’s a bad example for a teacher to set. Hmm, that is a pretty good point. Alicia thinks her exit was lame. Her words, not mine, by the way. Elena thinks someone who can’t handle fashion shouldn’t be in the industry. What’s so ironic is that Andrea was and is in the industry. I can understand that she felt she didn’t have anything to prove, but in that case, don’t sign up for the show. The more I think about her decision to leave, the more I think she made a horrible decision. Even getting sent home the first week would have been less embarrassing than tiptoeing out.

Anyway, time for the challenge! Today’s woman is on the go, so the challenge is to create a look for a woman on the go, with the idea being that she can wear the outfit from morning until night. Tim wants everyone to think about wrinkles.

But no one can think about wrinkles when they’re still thinking about Andrea! The designers slink around Michael Kors’ store and gossip. Gunnar thinks Andrea was super immature to quit. She took the coward’s way out! When Gunnar is calling you immature, well, that’s saying something.

Oh, finally everyone starts sketching, and then they’re off to Mood. Melissa is going back to black, by the way. I wish someone would give Melissa a box of crayons. There’s so much color in the world, Melissa! Buffi doesn’t want to use pink, but can’t resist it. I want someone to take away Buffi’s crayons. Dmitry is unhappy with the fabric selection at Mood. I want someone to give Dmitry a lollipop.

This episode is jamming along awfully fast. That suggests we’re going to be derailed from the challenge pretty substantially, don’t you think?

Kooan is drained of energy. He walks around Mood like a sad, wet, Afro-ed Muppet. He’s being ominously quiet.

Back in the workroom, there’s even more talk about Andrea. Christopher feels heartbroken that he was partially the cause of her exit. Andrea, Andrea, Andr– hold on! Kooan has something to say. He’s been thinking for three days but…

Commercial break!

Oh, back to Kooan. He’s… quitting. No! Christopher begs him to stay. Buffi begs him to stay. Gunnar thinks it’s sad that people are exhausted, which is as close as he can get to expressing remorse that one more designer is gone before him.

Fabio totally understands what Kooan is going through, because he wants to leave. He’s not going to, but he does. Fabio is sniffling and crying and all of the designers hold one another and, okay, people? I know this is sad, but no one DIED. Kooan seems pretty happy to get away from all of you. Just get back to work.

Tim drops in to tell everyone Andrea is okay. But he’s flabbergasted she would leave. So many people would love to be here! Um, Tim? Kooan tells him he’s leaving, too. Tim’s flabbergasted expression gets slightly more flabbergasted.

Lots of hugging of Kooan. Tim escorts him out, and Kooan shouts for everyone to make it work as he leaves.

Christopher notes that the mood in the workroom is really depressing.

Tim comes back to deliver a pep talk, as I’m sure he’d like to stop designers from heading for the door en masse, as that seems to be the trend. He tells everyone they can get up and move forward. He isn’t thrilled that the elimination process has been altered, so he’s bringing back Raul! Everyone is happy to have him back except Ven. He doesn’t like the complaining. Raul is so happy to back! He’s gonna win. He’s back, bitches. Yay? Kooan wasn’t all that, but Raul was not impressive in any way, really.

Later, Tim checks in to see how everyone’s designs are coming along and possibly to deadbolt the door from the outside. He thinks Dmitry’s dress is incredible. I do, too. The dress only has one seam, and he’s doing this pleating detail that’s pretty wunderbar. Tim worries Sonjia’s dress might be a little gown-ish, but she’s going to adjust the length, so I think she’s fine. I’ll be sick of jersey by the end of this challenge, but oh, well.

Fabio tells Tim his on-the-go girl is taking a day off. Tim worries he might go too casual, and cautions him about the proportions of the jacket he’s making. I love the print, but man, it’s short. Ven is making a camel-colored cashmere dress. Tim is fascinated. Really, he says that. I think Tim is still recovering from his flabbergasted mode.

Tim wants Gunnar to be cautious not to over design. Sonjia doesn’t like his dress, as it looks like felt. Who wants to wear a felt skirt? Possibly someone into crafts, I think.

Elena is making another boxy architectural thing. Tim makes the very valid point that she’s made it before. Many times before. Elena doesn’t care. On to Buffi! He worries Buffi is also overdesigning. Gunnar thinks she’s going a bit overboard with the pink and cheetah thing.

Tim is worried about Christopher. He seems ambivalent and tired. He’s not! He’s fine! I think Tim is trying to do a suicide watch this week.

Models arrive. Fabio’s outfit looks hideous on the model. Gunnar can see the fish whistle of Fabio’s model. Yes, fish whistle. I have not heard that phrase before, and I hope to never hear it again.

Christopher tells Buffi he thinks her outfit looks like resort wear. Oh, Buffi. It’s not a nice thing to say, but it’s true.

The next day, Buffi is feeling overwhelmed. Somebody bar the windows at Parsons! Melissa tells her not to stress out, because her hands will shake and she won’t be able to sew. Something else for Buffi to worry about!

Christopher wants to help Buffi. He offers her his black chiffon so she can toss out her hideous neon rag. That would de-Buffi it! She complains to everyone in the sewing room, and he overhears her. He’s just trying to help! I’m expecting a fight to break out, but no, Buffi appreciates his concern. She’s helped him find the fire to defend herself. She hates him a little, but hey, that’s apparently a good thing.

Tim sends in the models. Fabio’s outfit looks pretty bad, but not as bad a Raul’s pants, which are four inches too small. Oh, oh my. Someone better not have gotten too comfortable in the Atlas apartment. Buffi is also in trouble, or at least she seems to be.

It’s runway time! Heidi welcomes the designers back, gives Raul a shout-out, and comments that she’s disappointed in Andrea and Kooan. But time to meet the judges! Nina Garcia, Michael Kors and Hayden Panettiere. BTW, I am SO EXCITED about her new show, “Nashville.” Oh, and designer Rachel Roy is there, too. There’s a plethora of judges today!

I like this dress a lot — right up until the moment the model slouches to her right. A weird blob of fabric appears under one boob. If not for that, I think this is stellar. Wearable from day to night, very chic, and the draping is intriguing.

This looks very Alicia. But I have to say, I don’t dig Alicia’s style all that much. Still, the elbow patches are a nice touch, and I love the cuffs on the shorts.

There’s a certain element of homelessness in this look. Or, “I feel REALLY fat today.”

Oh, Buffi. It looks like she’s wearing a massive pink lobster bib.

Hey! JC Penney must have had a sale! This screams clearance rack.

I like the idea, but the fabric looks very heavy. You know, like he didn’t go to Mood, but Michael’s art supply.

This looks very well made. Not wow, but well made.

Love the back, love the front. Love it all. But I wish there was more oomph.

Not sure about that zipper detail in the front or the zipper in the back. Not my favorite design of his.

Whoa. Just, whoa. Taking a bolt of fabric, throwing it at your model, then belting it is not a design aesthetic. This looks like a craft project. Possibly by blind people. Even the pockets on the pants look lopsided.

Huh. This looks so much better on the runway than it did in the work room. It’s clearly Elena, but it works.

Love it. Love the jacket, love the dress. Very rocker chic.

Heidi calls Gunnar, Ven, Nathan, Alicia, Melissa and Elena. They’re all moving on, but aren’t the top or bottom.

Gunnar is shocked by the top and bottom. I think he’s only shocked because he isn’t in the top.

Sonjia is first. Heidi loves her dress. Michael loves that it’s not a black dress. Hayden thinks it’s a beautiful, sleek outfit. Rachel loves the little peek of skin.

Fabio is next. Michael is disappointed that Fabio’s personal style doesn’t translate into his designs. Heidi thinks the jacket is too short. Nina thinks it isn’t glamorous. Christopher tells us his on-the-go gal is a mother to a four-year-old. Hayden loves the dress. So does Heidi. Neither can believe he made it for under $150! Nina thinks it looks polished and easy. I like this a lot, but this isn’t exactly a mommy dress.

Buffi tries to talk everyone through her lobster bib. Hayden wanted to see something with the shoulders, but she loves the color. Heidi thinks it looks cheap. Rachel points out that having to rely on a belt means you haven’t made your look. Michael thinks it looks like a hairdressing smock. He asks her to lift the smock. The hem is, as Michael notes, cuckoo. She wasn’t trying to hide her mistake, which Nina finds even more pathetic.

Raul talks a line of BS about his outfit. Michael hated it when it first came out. But he likes it once it’s unbelted. Hayden could never wear it. Nina was happy to see pants on the runway, but the jacket is too long. Rachel thinks he was too ambitious to get everything done. On to Dmitry!

Michael says his is the best made garment they’d seen today. He would have liked to see it in a bright red, though. Heidi likes it, but she doesn’t have to have it. She needs more sex appeal, more wow. Hayden wishes he’d done something with the shoulders. Hayden is fixated on the shoulders. Nina thinks it’s perfect. Rachel thinks he really understood the assignment. It’s safe, but beautiful and exquisite.

Rachel thinks Sonjia deserves the win. Still, Heidi doesn’t think it’s a head turner. Nina wants Christopher to win. Michael thinks the execution was off, but Heidi thinks it has more sex appeal. Rachel would like to hire Dmitry. Michael wants him to play it less safe, because he’s the one to watch. Nina thinks his dress is perfectly made.

More powwowing by the judges. Fabio’s dress was boring. Buffi’s dress made no sense at all, but it was memorable. Michael notes that Raul tried to do too much. Raul has editing problems. Rachel thinks he’ll learn. Michael tells her he hasn’t learned yet.

Christopher is… in. Sonjia is the winner! Whoot! Hayden would like to wear her dress to a red carpet event. Sonjia’s so happy! Dmitry is also in.

Raul is in. Egads. Really? His outfit was wretched. Buffi is… out. Ouch! Really? I’m so sad. Buffi’s attachment to neon pink was a bit much, but she was so fun. If nothing else, she had a unique style, while Raul doesn’t have much of one at all. Fabio is safe. Buffi cries. Maybe her design aesthetic is tacky to some people, but she likes to be herself! Tim is so proud of her anyway.

With both Kooan and Buffi gone, season 10 is going to be a lot less colorful, honestly.

Were you sorry to see Buffi go? Were you surprised Kooan left? And why do you think designers are dropping out this season?

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