‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ recap: ‘True Love, True Lies’

It’s the wedding day for Caroline’s brother Jamie and his partner Rich. But the first topic of business is Teresa’s interview with In Touch Weekly. Jacqueline reads it in her hotel room and is shocked by what Teresa says about Caroline: that Caroline is one of several women (including Melissa and Kathy) who have bullied Teresa over her family’s money troubles.

Caroline has her own copy and is less than thrilled. Actually she feels insulted by being “accused of bullying by a bully,” adding that Teresa is insulting the only people who were actually there for her when she needed them.

Jacqueline knows that Teresa makes money by talking to tabloids, so she worries Teresa isn’t being completely honest in order to make her story more interesting to publish. Jacqueline leaves the magazine out in her room, in the hopes Teresa will see it when she drops by.

Caroline is offended that Teresa didn’t even tell her about the interview. But Caroline isn’t interested in confrontation. She knows that’s all Teresa wants.

What Teresa wants at the moment is Joe: she’s rolling around in bed on top of him in a grotesque display of misguided affection. Fortunately, she gets dressed and goes to pay Jacqueline a visit.

It’s not long before they’re discussing In Touch and Teresa says she never said she was being bullied. She explains to the camera that Jacqueline and the other girls don’t understand how magazine covers work because they’re never asked to be on them. In Jacqueline’s own interview to the camera, she says she feels Teresa’s life is being manufactured for her.

On their way to the wedding in the group shuttle, Joe playfully — I guess — calls Teresa a “whore” (in Italian) because her cleavage is spilling out of her low cut dress. Teresa tries to make conversation with Caroline — complimenting her hat — but Caroline isn’t speaking to her, the In Touch article is still top of mind.

We get a momentary break from In Touch mania for Rich and Jamie’s wedding: they arrive in a horse drawn carriage, exchange vows and Caroline gives a tearful speech recalling when Jamie made the decision to come out. She welcomes Rich into the family and Teresa declares the wedding “the ultimate gay extravaganza.”

At the reception Teresa gets a text informing her her book is on “the New York Times bestsellers.” She thanks everyone for their “support.” Jacqueline and Caroline stay silent. Caroline complains to the camera that Teresa can’t even allow a wedding reception to be about someone other than her.

Jamie pulls a reluctant Caroline onto the dance floor. She informs us she does dance on occasion but never on top of bars, she’s someone’s mother.

Wandering the reception grounds, Teresa and Jacqueline come across a Buddha statue. Teresa gets Joe Gorga’s text about therapy. Jacqueline is sick of it — all she’s heard for two years is drama between Teresa and Joe. Teresa doesn’t take the hint and keeps complaining and explaining that she doesn’t need any therapy, with or without her brother. She wants a fresh start. Teresa says her brother holds onto grudges and she doesn’t. Jacqueline calls bulls— on that, but only to the camera. Her gentle prodding of Teresa isn’t helping. Teresa complains about Melissa and Jacqueline points out that Joe Giudice isn’t very nice to Joe Gorga.

Bottom line is Teresa won’t go to therapy. Jacqueline confesses to the camera that she tries to understand Teresa, but doesn’t respect her actions: “I feel like she’s so far gone that I can’t even help her.”

Jacqueline sees parallels in Jamie living an open life as a gay man and Teresa never showing her true self. “If Teresa were to allow herself to be who she is faults and all, she would be a happy woman for real and not for fake.”


Meanwhile, Melissa and Joe are throwing a party at their redone shore house. “Joe will take his shirt off, Rich will take his glasses off, it’s great!” There’s also plenty of alcohol.

Joe shows up with In Touch. Kathy doesn’t appreciate Teresa saying “things that are not true about me.” Melissa is annoyed their photos are so ugly, but acknowledges that Teresa is probably getting paid. She hopes Teresa will go to therapy. Kathy is having a hard time reconciling the Teresa that she always knew with the Teresa who sells her personal stories to tabloids.

Once their party starts, Joe plays Melissa’s latest song for all the guests. It’s a lightweight party anthem called “Rock Star.”

Rich takes Joe outside to ask how things are going with Teresa and the idea of going to therapy. Joe admits he hasn’t heard from Teresa, so Rich recommends texting her again and help Joe write it out. Joe is convinced that Teresa isn’t accepting the invitation to therapy because of her husband.

Back at the party we learn the Gorgas motto, according to Melissa: “We like to keep it classy but sexy at the same time.” Cue drunken shenanigans — Rosie mock fighting with Joe, Rich and Kathy making out, a whipped cream fight that ends with Joe practically covered head to toe.

Without Teresa around, there’s almost no drama in this half of the story. That’s not lost on Rich, who tells the camera he’s glad the Giudices aren’t there because Teresa is “lost in space these days.”