Recap: ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ Results – Down to 7

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Oooh, this is a nerve wracking episode. We kick things off with a heavenly (literally) Mia Michaels routine with all the dancers floating around on little puffy clouds, then Nigel gets to prattle on about Emmy nominations, Adam gets excited about getting nominated for the Oscars, and finally Nigel gets excited about National Dance Day. But can we really focus on any of this when we”ve got an injured front runner and two other dancers about to join him in the bottom three? Seriously, this is not good for my heart.

[Full recap of Thursday’s “So You Think You Can Dance” results after the break…]

Up first, Lauren and Billy.
Billy is… in danger. Wow. Cat doesn”t understand why he”s in the bottom. Me neither. I mean, last night was a little uneven, but was he one of the worst two? Not really. Adam thinks this isn”t about his dancing, and says he needs to be more joyful so voters can connect to him.
Lauren is… safe. Good. We have at least one girl continuing into next week. I mean, this is not a great season for the ladies. Hopefully Ashley doesn”t get the boot, either.
The next five are brought out. Why break it up into two, then five? Why not three and four?
Kent is up first. I have to say, Kent was much improved last night, especially when it comes to deer-in-headlights face. He”s safe.
Jose is next. Jose was, of course, technically so-so in contemporary, and his African dance was plain bad. But he”s fine. Because he smiles.
Robert is on the block. He had a rough night yesterday, in part because the quick step is such a zero with voters. But, amazingly, he”s safe.
It”s down to Ashley and Adechike. They both look terrified. The final dancer in danger is… Ashley. Damn. I really loved her ninja hip-hop. Mia doesn”t know why she”s here.  If I had to pick who had the better night last night, I”d have to go with Ashley.
Mia then, gasp, apologizes to Adechike for being too harsh. Wow. She tells Adechike she wants to see him soar. And she”ll always be tough love Mama Mia, which seems apropos, since she”s dressed like a Mafioso tonight.
And now, time for fillers! Anya and Pasha will recreate their audition dance. Okay. This is all well and good. And I”m trying to decide if I like Anya better as a blonde or a brunette. It is nice to see really good ballroom, though. Even if this could easily be a half hour show without all the non-elimination filler.
Then a number from “In the Heights.” More singing than dancing, but I think it”s always a challenge trying to yank a production number out of a musical and make it work without any context whatsoever and no set. Unless you count the flashing lights of the “SYTYCD” stage as a set, which really, no one should.
 Okay, it”s dancing-for-your-life time. I really wonder if the producers are just making Billy and Ashley go through their paces when they know (gulp, fingers crossed it”s not true) Alex is too injured to continue.
Billy dances first. And as usual, you just have to sit back in awe of his lines. The guy is just made to dance. And in his solo he seems to be having such a good time, which is what the judges claim to be what”s lacking in his other performances. Although he”s very good at playing a cat, so if choreographers can keep finding ways for him to do that, he”ll be golden. If he survives tonight.
Ashley rocks her solo, too. I”d hate to have to pick between Billy and Ashley. Unless the judges don”t have to. Why is no one mentioning Alex?
Oh, here”s Natasha Bedingfield. And the song”s okay, but she”s wearing a very unfortunate dress. Although it”s just unfortunate in the back. I get the asymmetry thing, but when it looks like a golden seat protector got stuck in your waistband on the way out of the bathroom, it”s not really working. But great shoes. And nice to see she puts the all-stars to work as her back-up dancers.
Uh-oh, Alex is on crutches. CRAP. Nigel is going to give us the results of his MRI. He has a lacerated Achilles tendon. He needs surgery. And he needs to rest for three months. Alex is leaving. Noooooooooooooo!
Nigel tells Alex he”s going to be stronger for his suffering. Mia weepily tells Alex he”s left a mark that will never be forgotten. Adam says everyone on the show is better for him having been there.
This is so messed up. Let”s face it, Alex was the best dancer on the show, period. He had the heart, he had the talent, and he was just amazing to watch. And realistically, is he going to come back for a third season? I hope so, but I almost think that, once he heals, he may have too many opportunities to even want to come back. Actually, that would be the best possible conclusion for him, but it would suck for the show.
Alex gets a little sad saying goodbye, and he”s modest and grateful and aw, crap, this just makes the whole thing sadder.
I guess this is good news for the other dancers, as now the floor is open, so to speak, for anyone to step forward and wow the judges. And this is a strong batch of dancers. But still, this is a bitter disappointment. I think just having Alex in the competition compelled everyone to bring their A game, and he will be missed.
Who do you think will win now that Alex is gone? Do you think Alex will come back to the show for a third season? And do you think Billy or Ashley would have gone home?

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