‘Red Band Society’ co-star Rebecca Rittenhouse discusses bridging the age gap

09.15.14 5 years ago

Rebecca Rittenhouse is stuck between worlds on FOX's “Red Bad Society.”

Set in and around the pediatric ward at a hospital, sets up the patients and the health care providers. 

The kids are played by network TV relative newcomers like Nolan Sotillo, Zoe Levin, Ciara Bravo, Charlie Rowe and Brian “Astro” Bradley.

The grown-ups, in contrast, are led by Oscar winner Octavia Spencer, frequent TV regular Dave Annable and Wilson Cruz, who only played one of the pivotal characters on one of the pivotal teen dramas in history.

Rebecca Rittenhouse, however, is going to be a fresh face to nearly everybody checking out “Red Band Society,” which premieres on Wednesday (September 17) night on FOX. She has fewer screen credits than most of the young stars of “Red Band Society,” but she's also in a position of some on-screen authority as Nurse Brittany.

It's an appropriate position for Rittenhouse. Her character is a nurse and a caregiver, idolizing Spencer's Nurse Jackson. However, she's also young enough that her patients can engage in flirtations and crushes with her that seem only somewhat inappropriate.

Last week, I sat down with Rittenhouse to discuss how Nurse Brittany fits into the world of “Red Band Society” and how the stratification within the story has impacted the cast off-screen. [Hint: They're all buddies!]

Check out the interview above…

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