Remember when Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper made a bomb? Netflix it.

At some point in 2011, the world agreed that Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper would be indestructible forces who bathed in Oscar nominations. Did you know if Cooper scores another Oscar nod in a leading category next year, he ties Marlon Brando's record for four consecutive Best Actor nominations in a row? Kind of cool and chilling, right? 

The important thing is you can now watch Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence fail us in the 2014 dud “Serena.” It's on Netflix now. What was it about, you ask? Well, it concerned a timber merchant whose life spirals when he learns his wife, after her miscarriage, can't bear children. For Depression-era South Carolina, both stars look incredibly posh. Let's watch this mess together, shall we?

Here are five other questions you can get answered via new streams on the web. 

Remember that time Angelina Jolie starred in a Clint Eastwood movie?

“Changeling” is on Netflix July 17. It was certainly a beautiful-looking movie with good moments, but… wow. What a load of flashy moviemaking we've simply forgotten about. A soapy premise with grisly undertones. 

Remember when everyone paid five bucks for a brilliant thirty-minute standup special? 

Be sure to check out “Tig,” the new documentary on standup comic Tig Notaro that debuts on Netflix July 18. Notaro made history with a 2012 set at LA's Largo where she opened up about her recent cancer diagnosis, the death of her mother, and a terrible breakup. Audience members wept and cheered throughout the dark but enlightening set, and Louis CK — who immediately hailed the performance as a masterwork — let fans buy an audio recording of Tig's set on his website. It was an immediate smash. Watch “Tig” to learn about how this affected her life at the weirdest possible moment. 

Remember when Julia Roberts costarred in a movie with 18-year-old Matt Damon?

“Mystic Pizza” just hit Hulu. Not only does it feature an adolescent Matt Damon in a minor role, but it captures that moment when Julia Roberts pretty much confirmed she'd take over Hollywood. Her giant hair, eyes, and ebullience were poised to outgrow smalltown pizza melodramas. 

Remember when a tiny indie film finally got gay romance right? 

“Weekend,” the 2011 indie flick, is now on Hulu. Where to begin with this masterpiece? It's about two guys who hang out, become bonded in a casual but enriching sexual relationship, and then must let each other go. It is so unassuming that you'd almost call the movie slight, but it's so much more perceptive than critics have given it credit for. Watch it now for something real. 

Remember when “Dragnet” came back in the late '60s and survived? Because it did. 

Some crime TV reboots don't work. That '90s “Get Smart” rehash with Andy Dick as Maxwell Smart's kid was one of them. But the late '60s saw a comeback of “Dragnet” starring regular ol' Jack Webb that survived from '67 to '70. Relive the thrilling color TV debut of “the Blue Boy”! Catch it on Netflix July 15.