Report: Beyonce shopping around a documentary about her life

08.02.12 6 years ago

AP Photo

She”s only 30 and yet her life is already ripe for a film about… her life. Yes, we”re talking about Beyonce.

The music icon/actress/wife/mom has been shopping around a film about herself to Hollywood studios, according to the Los Angeles Times. Beyonce stars in the documentary and is the director.

The film combines concert footage and interviews. As the LA Times notes, we”ve already gotten a taste of what a non-fiction film about her life would look like via “Beyonce: Year of 4,” a short film about the making of her album “4” and the year off preceding it, which aired on MTV last year.

Should Beyonce”s documentary come to the big screen, she is following in the recent footsteps of fellow pop stars, Katy Perry (whose “Part of Me” is in theaters now), Justin Bieber, the Jonas Bros. and Miley Cyrus, all of whom have brought their lives in concert to theaters within the last few years.

Representatives from Beyonce”s agency, ICM, did not respond a request for comment from the Times.


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