We’re getting an encore from ‘The Martian’ masterminds

Good news for everyone who enjoyed last year”s thrilling tale of survival that was The Martian: We”re getting a repeat team-up from the guys who were behind the film that got Oscar voters to give serious attention to a sci-fi movie.

The new untitled project comes from Andy Weir, who wrote the book on which The Martian is based, and Ridley Scott. It looks like the Blade Runner director won”t helm this film though – Deadline, which broke the news, reports that he”s on board to produce.

Weir will write the script – his first screenplay credit. As Deadline is calling this an untitled project based on a pitch of Weir”s, I”m guessing this is different from his in-the-works novel, Zhek (which he talked about in this HitFix interview). That”ll be a sci-fi book, complete with aliens and faster-than-light travel. No word on what the plot is in the new Scott-Weir film or even what the genre is. Representatives for 20th Century Fox, which is also part of this Martian re-teaming, confirmed the news for HitFix but had no more details to reveal about the project.