RIP Yvonne Craig: Remembering Batgirl’s Equal Pay PSA

Yvonne Craig, known to fans as Batgirl from the 1960's Batman TV series, passed away this morning at the age of 78.

Craig was a trained ballet dancer before stumbling into the part of Adam West's mysterious counterpart.  She is also forever beloved to sci-fi fans for her appearance on the “Star Trek” series as the green-hued Orion who attempts to seduce Captain Kirk in the episode “Whom the Gods Destroy.”  She went on to play dozens of featured roles in TV series in the years that followed.

But perhaps her most unforgettable turn was in a brief 1972 Public Service Announcement she filmed for the US Department of Labor in 1972, reuniting Craig with her Batman co-stars Adam West and Burt Ward. In the spot, Batgirl goes on strike over her pay compared to Robin's right at a perilous moment for the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder.

Watch the ad below, and light a candle for a great star of a wonderful era in television.