Rob Zombie and Mila Kunis’ new series proves it is truly a Golden Age for horror fans on TV

Rob Zombie is a filmmaker I'm about half onboard with. While I remember thinking “The Devil's Rejects” was very good, his “Halloween” remake was pretty abysmal (though in fairness, the studio apparently mucked around with that one quite a bit). His upcoming carnival-themed horror film “31” will hopefully be more of the former, and now he's got another project in the pipeline: the musician and writer/director is set to helm a half-hour horror-comedy series for Starz entitled “Trapped.” The series, which was created by Joey Slamon (“Arrested Develpment”) and executive-produced by Mila Kunis, will take place over a single night as a wealthy family find themselves stalked by a murderous cult. 

Since it's on Starz — the home of Sam Raimi's ultra-gory “Evil Dead” continuation — Zombie won't have network constraints bogging him down, meaning you can probably expect lots of bloody mayhem, copious amounts of cursing and gratuitous nudity.

This is where I put on my development executive hat and say this thing sounds like a cross between “The Strangers” and “You're Next,” Adam Wingard's sleeper 2013 slasher that saw an entire family slaughtered by masked intruders over the course of a single evening. “The Strangers,” meanwhile, was Bryan Bertino's 2008 horror film starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman as a couple besieged by masked, cult-ish killers.

Are we digging this? With shows like “Scream Queens,” “American Horror Story,” “Scream,” “Hannibal,” “Salem” and “Hemlock Grove” hitting in recent years, it is truly a Golden Age for horror fans on the small screen.

Mila Kunis will presumably not appear in the series because she is a movie star.