Roberto Orci and Heather Kadin on how social media gave life to ‘Sleepy Hollow’

SAN DIEGO – At Comic-Con this weekend, “Sleepy Hollow” producers Roberto Orci and Heather Kadin told HitFix how shocked and pleased everyone has been with the overwhelming audience response to the first season. And fans weren't just passive viewers, according to Orci. 

“The fans that watched this show went beyond just watching it. They would send us sketches of the actors,” he said.

“Someone in our office made us a book of all the fan art, which is pretty incredible. I have it on my coffee table at work,” Kadin added, mentioning she mused the idea of mass-producing the book for publication.

The two promised both the family drama and the supernatural elements will be kicked up a notch in season two. All the characters are going to suffer from emotional and relationship upheaval this year. Kadin teased strife in the Crane marriage.

“It's a big family drama. Can you imagine? You find out your son you didn't even know you had is now a really, really bad guy. And what does that do to your marriage when your wife thinks he can be redeemed?”

But the Mills' sisters will also be confronted with new information and hard choices, which will affect their new-found trust, according to Orci.

“They're going to find out about their mother […] a deeper history of where they came from.”

Watch the whole video at the top of this post for even more hints about what's to come on the sophomore season of “Sleepy Hollow.” Tune in for the premiere September 22nd on FOX.