Nobody told Rooney Mara she’s not in the ‘Dragon Tattoo’ sequel

Lisbeth Salander is apparently poised for another journey to the big screen, but it”s not yet clear who will be playing the compelling hacker character we first met in Stieg Larsson”s book, “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.”

To review: Reports surfaced last week that Sony is following up its 2011 adaptation of the “Dragon Tattoo” not with the book No. 2 in Larsson”s “Millennium” series but with a big screen take on “The Girl in the Spider”s Web,” the fourth book in the series and the first not written by the Larsson, who died following a heart attack in 2004. Steven Knight (“Eastern Promises”) is in early talks to adapt “Spider”s Web,” which hit bookshelves this summer.

Word is that the key talent for the English-language “Dragon Tattoo” is not returning for this sequel, which is sounding a lot more like a reboot than a sequel. No David Fincher, no Daniel Craig, no Rooney Mara.

The Wrap is saying that Alicia Vikander – who hails from Sweden, just like Larsson”s books – is an early (very early) favorite to take on the part of Lisbeth. Vikander has been in the spotlight a lot this year with “Ex Machina,” “The Man from U.N.C.L.E.” and “The Danish Girl.” She does have a connection to the screenwriter for “Spider”s Web” – Vikander appears alongside Bradley Cooper in this year”s “Burnt,” which Knight wrote.

But today, it looks like Mara believes she”s still got the part. In a video posted on E!”s website, Mara, while promoting her new film “Carol,” says, “As far as I know, I”m doing it until someone tells me otherwise” and “of course” she wants to play Lisbeth again.

Mara scored an Oscar nomination for “Dragon Tattoo,” and Lisbeth has been widely regarded as being among the most complex, interesting characters around today. So, considering that, it”s not surprising Mara wants to hold onto the role. If she did play the part in “Spider”s Web,” she probably could compare notes with actors who have played James Bond (and M) while that cinematic 007 world rebooted all around them with new directors and other new talent. Bond does have the Broccolis and Michael G. Wilson to lend some consistancy to the Bond universe, and this “Dragon Tattoo” follow-up wouldn”t be totally without any returning talent: Producer Scott Rudin is expected to be the common voice between “Dragon Tattoo” and “Spider”s Web.”

Sony declined to comment when contacted about this story.