Samantha Bee discovers it’s harder to acquire an NRA mascot costume than it is to buy a gun

Full Frontal is back! Full Frontal is back! The newly renewed show took two weeks off (host Samantha Bee would later explain it was to figure out what a superdelegate is) but now it's back with a new episode for us to enjoy.

In the night's main segment, Bee tried to procure the costume for the National Rifle Association's gun safety mascot Eddie Eagle.

“There's something about that costume,” Bee explains. “So mockable. So asinine. I had to have one.”

But there is no Second Amendment right to bear an Eddie Eagle costume, so Bee's attempts to get one were thwarted. She did manage, however, to buy several guns from gun shows, gun stores, and the trunks of people's cars. There is no national registry for gun owners — thanks in part to the NRA's efforts — but there is a national registry for NRA mascot Eddie Eagle costumes.

In the end, Bee had to make her own costume. Fortunately, she now had plenty of raw material.