Samantha Bee tries to talk to real, live Bernie supporters

You may remember about a month ago, when Full Frontal's Samantha Bee spoke to a small group of Donald Trump supporters to find out what they were really like, figuring they couldn't possibly be as bad as they seemed, or as the candidate hopeful they supported.

Last night, she did the same thing with Bernie Sanders fans, saying it's “easy for dried-up old crones like” her to dismiss idealistic young Bernie die-hards. So she was going to actually talk to some of them.

She gathered an “impossibly diverse” panel of nine people, including one “Bernie bro” who was just an older gentleman with his cap on backwards. They all seemed like very nice people with maybe a little too much hope and optimism and definitely too many Bernie tattoos (one tattoo is too many Bernie tattoos).

That said, the woman who sported the Bernie tattoo had a great response when Bee asked what she would do if “things don't work out.”

“I'll just say it's Danny DeVito,” the woman said, much to Bee's seemingly genuine amusement.

There was also a tiny little winged unicorn.