Samuel L. Jackson may star opposite Kevin Hart in ‘The Black Phantom’

08.06.14 4 years ago

Is Samuel L. Jackson stepping into a role vacated by Jamie Foxx?  A new report suggests just that, and it's the title role of “The Black Phantom.”

Screen Gems' upcoming film was due to star Kevin Hart and Jamie Foxx, but the latter had to drop out over scheduling conflicts.  Now, according to Deadline, Nick Fury is getting involved. 

Although “The Black Phantom” does have a very comics-friendly title, it is much more comedy than comic.  The story revolves around a double-crossed hitman for the mob (played by Hart) and the man hired to kill him.  The latter individual is known as “The Black Phantom,” and is the part at which Jackson is looking.

The article describes the movie as “an outrageously inappropriate comedy,” and Jackson is the sort of actor who regularly appears comfortable saying the most over the top sorts of lines.  He has not yet appeared in a film with Kevin Hart, but it could certainly make for an interesting comedy duo.

“The Black Phantom,” which will be directed by Tim Story from a Dave Lease & Megan Hinds script, does not yet have a release date.

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