What the ‘Scooby Doo’ reboot could learn from ‘The Wire’

Everyone”s favorite meddling kids are being remixed for a whole new generation.

The new 22-minute animated comedy “Be Cool, Scooby Doo” is the eleventh reboot of the 1969 original and will debut this fall on Time Warner”s newly revamped Boomerang network.

The show will focus on the gang after they graduate from high school and hit the road in the Mystery Machine. Fred, Daphne, Shaggy, Velma and Scooby will still solve strange and silly cases but they”ll also share more of their own desires and feelings than in past incarnations.

In that vein, here are a few other au courant twists Time Warner and company should consider:

Make like “The Wire” and the tell villains” side of the story

Perhaps the bad guy pretending to be the 10,000 Volt Ghost was a victim of the foster care system and the rapscallion who pretended to be Charlie the Robot is secretly pursuing an MBA. Show us their flawed but redeemable undersides and cue “Way Down In the Hole.”

Make like “Law & Order” and show the court cases – or at least the plea deals

We know the bad guys get arrested at the end of every episode and complain about almost getting away with their elaborately costumed diabolical plans, but wouldn”t it be fun to see the Wax Phantom on the witness stand? Chung chung, indeed.

Make like “True Detective” and change the cast each season

We love Scooby and the gang as much as anyone but it would be truly awesome if a whole new group of characters and voice actors took the reins for a season or two. A cartoon version of Colin Farrell would be optimal. While you”re at it, the gang could slow things down and focus on one mystery per season for added drama and intensity.

Make like “Fargo” and make Velma the boss

Velma is smart as a whip and just like Det. Molly Solverson, she has what it takes to solve mysteries and run the show. Why is Fred leading the charge again?

Make like “Ghost Hunters” and use infrared cameras

Reality TV techniques have their advantages and as Jason Hawes and his team have shown us, infrared cameras can make even the most mundane living room look like Satan”s playpen. Technology is our friend.

Make like “24” and use real-time

Jack Bauer would hate the Mystery Machine and would likely shoot and torture suspects. So the gang doesn”t need him but his real-time clock could come in handy.

Make like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and add more diversity

No offense but if the only brown cast member is a dog, you”ve got some serious recruiting to do, Scooby Doo.