Shonda Rhimes: The constant talk about my race and gender ‘really pisses me off’

10.08.14 4 years ago

Shonda Rhimes: The constant talk about my race and gender “really pisses me off”
In a Hollywood Reporter profile that calls describes Rhimes as sharing “several traits with her characters: the dedication of Meredith Grey, the drive of Christina Yang and the steely confidence of Olivia Pope,” Rhimes talks about the NY Times “angry black woman” article and how she”s tired of being described by her race and gender. “I find race and gender to be terribly important; they're terribly important to who I am. But there's something about the need for everybody else to spend time talking about it … that pisses me off,” she says.

The SNL MasterCard really exists: Watch the “SNL”-produced commercial
In the ad, Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan play your dream dates.

Brian Dennehy and Neal McDonough sign on for TNT”s “Public Morals”
Dennehy will play a powerful mobster and McDonough will play his son in the Ed Burns cop drama set in 1967 New York City.

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Lifetime orders a 4th and final “Flowers in the Attic” movie
Airing next year, the 4th film will be based on V.C. Andrews” book  “Seeds of Yesterday.”

Fox has been in talks for an “X-Men” TV series “for a while now”
According to E!, “20th Century Fox studio and Fox network aren't commenting, but insiders with knowledge of the negotiations tell us that the project has been in quiet development for quite some time. There is currently no deal in place, however, we are told that the X-Men series would be picked up by Fox and Fox only, if it goes.”

Conan O”Brien will be the 1st guest of the season on “Talking Dead”
“The Walking Dead” talk show premieres Sunday at 10.

Who will play O.J. Simpson on Ryan Murphy”s “American Crime Story”?
Here are some casting suggestions – Chiwetel Ejiofor for O.J.?

Netflix CEO: Binge-watching could revolutionize education
Reed Hastings is trying to figure out how to translate binge-watching to the education field.

Bill Murray says Bill Hader “did the best work anyone ever did” on “Saturday Night Live”
Murray made his comments this morning on Howard Stern. “I think Bill Hader probably did the best work anyone ever did on that show … It took him a little while to get going, but once he got going it  was extraordinary,” he said.

Louis CK can”t stop tweeting about Mars and the universe
The comedian insists “I”m not high” after reeling off a series of tweets about his feelings on Mars.

Hoda Kotb will be on tonight”s “SVU”
“Starring is kind of a generous word,” says the “Today” co-host, who will be guesting as a TV news anchor.

Save “Dallas” petition targeting CBS
Fans of the canceled TNT series hope the home of the original “Dallas” picks up the reboot.

Watch the “House of Lies” Season 4 “I Will Survive” trailer
The Showtime series returns in January.

“Wendy Williams Show” ex-intern files a class-action lawsuit
Former intern Anthony Tart claims he and his fellow interns were worked like full-time employees.

Piers Morgan: I lobbied CNN to replace Anderson Cooper with Megyn Kelly
The former CNN host writes in a Hollywood Reporter column: “I suggested to (CNN boss) Jeff  (Zucker) that Megyn Kelly would be a perfect primetime star for CNN – young, beautiful, slick, razor smart, bursting with opinions, humor and authority. I was convinced she'd give me a much better lead-in than Anderson Cooper, who for all his qualities as a reporter is stiff in a studio and gets annihilated in the ratings every night by O”Reilly.”

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