Should One Direction Fans Be Mad at ‘The Daily Show’?

09.26.14 5 years ago

One Direction, my favorite musical group outfitted by Build A Bear, has some pretty hardcore fans. A select portion of that fandom is angry about a “Daily Show” segment concerning new terrorist organizations that namedrops the band.

Did you hear One Direction mentioned in that list bit? Fans of the group are concerned because Zayn Malik (obviously the greatest 1D member, if we're being serious) is Muslim, and therefore the joke could be seen as a knock on his religious beliefs.

Of course, the joke is really poking fun at the idea of a “terror supergroup.” And if anyone One Direction member is going to be a menace to society, it's going to be that naughty imp Liam Payne. Everyone knows that. But I'll let the fans determine how/if the sanctity of the group's reputation has been sullied.

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