Slot swap for slumping ‘Slap,’ NBC depledges ‘Allegiance’

03.06.15 3 years ago


For three weeks, I've been wanting to use the headline “Slot swap for slipping 'Slap,'” but tricky NBC decided to wait for a week when “The Slap” didn't slip to swap its slot. Very tricky, NBC.

Fortunately, “The Slap” has not ceased to be slumping, so I'll be satisfied with the alliteration I got to use, even if “slipping slap” has a better ring to it.

Oh. You mean I have to actually explain the news?

After yet another weak 8 p.m. performance, albeit an 8 p.m. performance in which the 18-49 demo rating went up to a 0.8 from a 0.7, “The Slap” has been shifted to 10 p.m. sending “Allegiance” off into the nebulous hinterlands, either never to be seen again or not to be seen again until summer or not to be seen again except in digital platforms. [I asked NBC for clarification. I'm waiting. I hesitate to use the “c” word, but let's be honest… “Allegiance” has been canceled for weeks, even if it was wandering around like Mike the Headless Chicken.]

NBC will attempt to boost the 8 p.m. hour with “Dateline: The Real Blacklist,” a Richard Engel-hosted series of specials that will “focus on conspiracy-themed investigations and crimes that involve larger-than-life perpetrators and circumstances.” The first episode will find Engel delving into the 2006 poisoning death of Alexander Litvenko.

Subsequent episodes will look at John McAfee, Pink Panther Gang and more.

NBC is helpful enough to explain that this has been “designed as a themed two-hour programming block.”

“The Blacklist” has struggled to maintain its Monday numbers since moving to Thursday, but it has still boosted a dismal time period by 175 percent in the 18-49 demo in Live+3 figures.

While live ratings for “The Slap” have been ridiculously low, NBC notes that “The Slap” hosts a 123 index of adults 18-49 living in homes with $100K+ incomes, which is apparently good. Presumably “Allegiance” does't skew nearly as upscale.

Yay? Boo? Whatever?

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