‘SNL’ Scorecard: Emma Stone’s Show Inspired More Anti-SNL Trump Tweets

12.04.16 2 years ago 3 Comments


We’re all becoming desensitized to it, but it’s remarkable that the man who is going to be the president of the United States in a few weeks sits at home on Saturday night, watches SNL, gets mad about SNL, then tweets about how he’s mad at SNL.

After Trump got elected, I know SNL had no real contingency plan on who would play him week to week for the foreseeable future because no one expected him to win. Now I’m starting to think it makes sense that Baldwin will stay on.

First of all, you’ve probably noticed that Baldwin doesn’t stick around for the goodnights. So basically his commitment for every show would be from around 7:00 p.m. (dress starts at 8:00 p.m.) until 11:45 p.m. on the Saturday nights when he appears. Baldwin only lives a few blocks away, so it’s a fairly quick car ride for him. And in exchange for Baldwin’s five hours of work, he gets to be the most talked-about actor in the world for a few hours every Sunday morning while the President of the United States tweets about him, which Baldwin has to love. Conceivably, Baldwin could play Trump longer than a cast member could. If Baldwin is unavailable on a given Saturday, there’s just no Trump sketch that week. I’m probably overthinking this (I am), but there’s really no reason this can’t continue indefinitely.

Also, Emma Stone is the perfect SNL host. She should be one of those people who hosts every year. It’s a crime she hasn’t hosted in five years (my goodness, I‘ve been doing this long enough I wrote about her first show back in 2010). Last night’s show was, on paper … fine, but it was Stone’s hosting ability that turned it into a good show. She sells the material and she looks like she’s having fun. I hope it doesn’t take another five years. Okay, here’s today’s Scorecard…

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