Wonder Woman Returns To Themyscira And Ends Up Disappointing A Pair Of Lady Travelers On ‘SNL’

SNL‘s take on Wonder Woman didn’t come until later in the show, but it didn’t disappoint. Not only do some of the ladies on the show get a chance to play around as Amazons and fight with Gal Gadot a bit, but we also get to find out what would happen if someone other than Chris Pine showed up to Themyscira. That would be Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon playing a pair of curious, confident lesbians who are just out boating around and seeing how an island full of warrior women stacks up to their greatest dreams.

What probably would’ve been a weird sketch to see on the show back 20 years ago, mostly with how the cast at the time would’ve treated the subject matter, McKinnon and Bryant don’t just go directly to the obvious jokes and actually turn out an interesting take on what would’ve happened. It’s not just lesbian showing up and acting like a pair of bros with a group of Amazons.

The key parts come near the end, when Gal Gadot plants a big kiss on Kate McKinnon to test how she feels toward a female and revealing the disappointing truth: she feels nothing. McKinnon doesn’t either and Bryant follows suit, getting back on their boat to head off into the sea to find another home. It might work given where they’re heading. The people of Lesbos seem pretty open-minded and free to do what they please.

(Via SNL)