‘SNL’s’ Kate McKinnon brings ‘The Jinx’s’ Robert Durst to an improv comedy show

Ever wonder what would happen if a serial killer was asked to participate in a comedy improv skit? Probably not, but “Saturday Night Live” thought that was the perfect way for the world to experience Kate McKinnon's impersonation of Robert Durst, the infamous subject of HBO's critically acclaimed docu-series “The Jinx.”

The good news is that McKinnon's impersonation is spot on (she also looks oddly like fellow cast member Pete Davidson).  The bad news is that the entire skit feels like it was chopped in half or severely edited in rehearsals.  Still, if you wonder why McKinnon gets so much hype this is another great example of her impressive talents.

Check the skit out in the embedded clip at the bottom of this post.

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