‘South Park’ raises the bar for trolling, plays anti-Redskin promo during their game

A quick primer to catch everyone up to speed: Back in 1933, the Boston Braves became the Boston Redskins…I assume because “Braves” wasn't quite racist enough. Fast forward 81 years later and the team has relocated to Washington but still can't figure out why people are so mad about a classy name like “Redskins” accompanied by an American Indian in profile inside a simplified Dreamcatcher. 

Pop quiz, Redskins fans! What American Indian tribe did the Dreamcatcher originate from? The answer is the Ojibwe. Which makes no sense since the mascot in profile is sporting Blackfoot braids*. But whatever, we can't expect historical accuracy from group defending a racial epithet as a sports team name.

The US Patent Office agreed and rescinded the Redskins trademark protections back in June on the basis of being “disparaging to Native Americans.” Which is where Cartman and “South Park” come in. Without copyright protection, Cartman is free to do whatever he wants with the name Redskins. To drive the point home, this ad played in the 4th quarter of last Sunday's Washington-Philidelphia game.

*And if you're saying “Who cares?” or “It doesn't matter!,” congratulations! You are the problem.

[Via HuffPo]