See Deadpool spliced into ‘Captain America: Civil War’

When one motormouth superhero met another…

Deadpool didn”t show up for Civil War. (Fox surely wouldn”t have let him, and he wasn”t in the Civil War comics anyway.) But one fan”s editing skills has plopped the Merc with a Mouth into Captain America: Civil War and given us a peek at what a meet-up of Tom Holland”s Spider-Man and Ryan Reynolds” Deadpool would be like.

Spider-Man is apparently just as big a fan of Deadpool as he is of Cap.

Check out the 45-second clip featuring some seamless editing in the video below:

HitFix”s Donna Dickens and Roth Cornet put forth their pitch for a crossover feature starring both Holland and Reynolds that will probably only ever remain in our imaginations, but, hey, the Sony-Disney team-up for Homecoming has us getting our hopes up for anything. If you want some more Spidey-Deadpool shared screen time right now though, you can get that over on Ultimate Spider-Man.