Chapter 2 Of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Gets A Premiere Date On CBS All Access

It feels like Star Trek: Discovery just premiered and already we’re coming up to the mid-season finale on November 12th, dubbed the end of “Chapter 1.” That will mark nine episodes of the new Trek series, and now CBS has just announced when the show will return for “Chapter” 2: Sunday, January 7th. As always, new episodes appear on CBS All Access after 8:30pm ET.

The second half will feature 6 episodes and run until February 11th, adding up to 15 episodes for season one. CBS has already renewed Discovery for a second season, but there’s no word yet on a premiere date or how many episodes we’ll get moving forward.

Star Trek: Discovery debuted with some pretty heavy expectations from fans and execs alike, with CBS using it as a flagship show to draw subscribers to its All Access streaming service. And while some fans have grumbled about a number of commercials they have to watch on a paid platform, reviews for the show have been resoundingly positive.

One of the big differences in Discovery‘s storytelling is a switch from the largely episodic format of previous Treks to a more serialized approach that’s become so popular in recent years. “Chapter 1” has largely focused on Starfleet’s fight for survival against a resurgent Klingon Empire, with disgraced officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) finding herself recruited back into the ranks by the USS Discovery‘s Captain Lorca (Jason Isaacs).

With “Chapter 1” just wrapping up, it’s not a bad time to sit down and binge watch this new, worthy new addition to the Trek franchise.

(via Deadline)