The First ‘Star Trek Discovery’ Trailer Is Here

After months of back and forth and delays, Star Trek Discovery has finally delivered a first trailer, and it looks extremely promising.

The series, as previously reported, follows First Officer Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) as she works on the science vessel Discovery. Unfortunately, Discovery, as you can see from the trailer, quickly runs afoul of the Klingons, who lose some of their own and clearly are not happy about it. That the trailer features a Klingon funeral is particularly attention-getting and implies Burnham might stumble into a messy diplomatic situation. Also of interest is James Frain’s Sarek, father of Spock, who appears to mostly be a hologram and also a bit of a jerk. The trailer also seems to imply that Burnham and Sarek have some form of connection beyond the professional, and that Burnham might have some Vulcan heritage.

Also interesting: Michelle Yeoh is playing the Discovery‘s captain, which is something of a switch from reports it’d be Jason Isaacs at the helm. Perhaps plot revelations will make what’s going on clearer. Also, it appears that the Federation still has a thing for lens flare, although thankfully a bit more tasteful than on the Enterprise. In all, it looks like a Star Trek series updated for the modern day. It’ll be interesting to see how the shift in focus to a scientific vessel, and to a time period a bit before the original series, will be used, and we’ll find out just how later this fall.