Josh Gad Enlisted Judi Dench To Ask Daisy Ridley ‘Star Wars’ Questions

Do or do not, there is no try. The words spoken by the great Jedi Master Yoda to a young Luke Skywalker have been taken to heart by generations of Star Wars fans. But perhaps no one lives the essence of that creed like actor Josh Gad.

Over the last few weeks, the Beauty and the Beast star has been filming Murder on the Orient Express with a star-studded cast that includes Daisy Ridley from the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Being a huge fan of the series, Gad has tried without success to con a few answers about the film from her. He’s tried asking outright. He’s tried tricking her (albeit with tactics most suited for fooling a child). But now? Now he’s bringing out the big guns. If Ridley won’t respect the queries of Olaf from Frozen, perhaps she’ll answer to M herself.

As I said previously, I’m 100% sure Ridley is in on these “surprise” interrogations. But this is the first video where her facade cracks. Under the monotone interrogation of Dame Judi Dench, a hint of a laugh can be seen before Ridley gets it under control.

One thing I haven’t mentioned throughout this series is how the videos are pulling double duty. Sure, Star Wars fans are tuning in on the minuscule hope of a piece of information, but Daisy Ridley — and now Judi Dench — are in costume for Murder on the Orient Express. As I at first thought Dench was in costume as Aereon from The Chronicles of Riddick, this glimpse at her wardrobe for Murder is the first time I’ve been interested in the Kenneth Branagh-directed remake. It also looks so much like something an elder in Star Wars would wear, that I also now demand Judi Dench be cast as General Leia’s best friend in Episode IX. So well played, Josh Gad. Well played indeed.