These ‘Star Wars’ Women Deserve To Be In The Movies


Every May the Fourth, Star Wars fans across the planet (and maybe the galaxy, who knows?) celebrate our love of everything George Lucas set in motion with the 1977 film Star Wars. At the time, who would’ve guessed that little space opera would launch a franchise that continues to expand like the universe after the Big Bang all these decades later?

Now is an even more exciting time for those who love Star Wars because Disney is helping pump out new content at an accelerated speed. Movies, TV shows, comics, and novels are being produced so quickly that it can be difficult to keep up. But today I’d like to celebrate some of the women of Star Wars that have been created for this new, canon Expanded Universe and suggest it might be a fine idea to have them jump from the page to the big screen.

1. Rae Sloane

First introduced in the novel Star Wars: A New Dawn, Rae Sloane may be the most complex Imperial officer fans have ever had the pleasure of getting to know. From her first introduction years before Star Wars Rebels to her ultimate succession of power in Aftermath: Empire’s End, Sloane has received the kind of character growth and arc usually reserved for heroes related to the Skywalker family. As she’s still alive — and instrumental to the First Order — by the beginning of The Force Awakens, there’s no reason she couldn’t make the jump from page to screen. And, quite frankly, there’s a dearth of black female characters in Star Wars films. One Rae (and many other women on this list) could help with.

2. Hera Syndulla

Voiced by Vanessa Marshall on Star Wars Rebels, Hera is different than the Twi’lek women seen in the films. She is no slave or barely seen Jedi who goes down in the wilds of Felucia. Hera’s a rebel and an ace pilot, the daughter of the Resistance leader on her home planet of Ryloth. While her ultimate fate at the end of Rebels is yet unknown, the new Forces of Destiny shorts show her with Leia and Han on the moon of Endor, so she at least survived the Rebellion. Seeing her as an older, wiser Hera in the new trilogy would be a lovely nod to the fantastic character work done by the Rebels actress and crew.

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