Samuel L. Jackson Wants To Return To The Star Wars Universe

By now, the story is legend: When Samuel L. Jackson was cast as Mace Windu in Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, he had only one request: a purple lightsaber. His logic to George Lucas was sound. In a battle involving dozens of Jedi, Jackson wanted to be able to find himself easily. So, the purple hue was added to the Star Wars universe. After that, it was up to the Lucas and the story group to figure out why.

The reason they settled on was as badass as Mace Windu himself: The Jedi Master flirted with the dark side without succumbing to its seductive ways. In the reference book Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need To Know, it’s revealed that Windu uses Form VII of lightsaber combat. Also known as Juyo or Vaapad, the form of combat is favored by dark side users for its unpredictable and aggressive nature. Using this knowledge as a jumping off point, fan theories have sprung up over the years that perhaps purple is the color of a lightsaber belonging to a Jedi that has come close to joining the Sith or has moved towards a more neutral stance balanced between the light and the dark.

Regardless of the meaning behind Windu’s amethyst blade, the Jedi Master was one of the most powerful in the galaxy. Perhaps second only to Yoda himself. So what’s a fall from a Coruscant skyscraper to a man with that kind of cosmic power? Jackson thinks his character survived. Speaking via pre-recorded message at the Star Wars 40th Anniversary panel in Orlando, Jackson strongly suggested the time for Mace Windu to return is now.

I know you [the fans] are all in my corner on this. We know Jedi can fall from incredible heights and survive. So apparently, I am not dead. We know the long and rich history of Star Wars characters reappearing with new appendages and being stronger and better than they ever were. Mace Windu is awaiting his return. All you [Kathleen Kennedy] have to do, is say the word.

If Samuel L. Jackson says he wants to be in the new Star Wars films, he should get want he wants. The galaxy needs him. Rey and Finn need him. Kylo Ren needs him… to smack the smug right off his emo face. Do it, Lucasfilm.