Stephen Colbert: Viacom tells host to stop using ‘Colbert Report’ character

There”s another political battle brewing these days, but it has nothing to do with Trump or Clinton. Well, maybe not exactly political, but more “political.”

During the Republican National Convention, Late Show host Stephen Colbert reprised his conservative Colbert Report alter ago. This apparently did not go over well with Comedy Central and their parent company Viacom as it seems they own the character.

“Immediately after that show, CBS”s top lawyer was contacted by the top lawyer from another company to say that the character ‘Stephen Colbert” is their intellectual property, which is surprising, because I never considered that guy much of an intellectual,” Colbert said.

He added, “So it is with a heavy heart that I announce that, thanks to corporate lawyers, the character of ‘Stephen Colbert,” host of The Colbert Report, will never be seen again.”

But then a funny thing happened. Colbert (are you keeping this all straight?) introduced Stephen Colbert”s “identical twin cousin, Stephen Colbert,” who is eerily like the original Colbert.

Colbert said, “Wild horses ridden by corporate lawyers could not keep me away.” Tweaking Viacom a little further, Colbert (the CBS host) then proceeded to do one of his signature sketches.

CBS declined to comment on the issue. Calls to Comedy Central and Viacom have not yet been returned.

Check out the clip…