Stephen Colbert was wrong: Daft Punk didn’t perform at VMAs

08.26.13 6 years ago

Stephen Colbert was wrong: Daft Punk didn’t perform at VMAs

Did the French robot duo troll Colbert?

Taylor Swift mouths the F-word during VMAs
“Shut the F*ck up,” she said as her ex Harry Styles accepted the Moon Man with his One Direction bandmates.

‘N Sync’s reunion was short-lived
Blink and you might’ve missed it.

Miley Cyrus’ performance leaves audience gasping
Cyrus, 20, dry-humped the 36-year-old Robin Thicke on stage. PLUS: That was Miley’s minstrel show, Best and worst moments, and Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake backstage.

“Breaking Bad” writer: It was “torture” coming up with last night’s big revelation
The revelation has been in the works since Season 4. “It was just a matter of placing it,” says Gennifer Hutchison, who wrote last night’s episode. “When is the worst possible time this could be realized? How about the time when Jesse is actually, maybe going to be okay? Let’s do it then and ruin everything!” PLUS: What was up with Saul’s license plate?, is Todd more evil than Gus Fring?, was the epiphany believable?, the M60 machine gun continues to color every episode, the dinner scene shows how “Breaking Bad” excels at cognitive dissonance, that Walt tape was so audacious!, see Bob Odenkirk’s stunt double, and did the reveal ruin “Breaking Bad” as the greatest show.

“Breaking Bad’s” Skyler White: Why did it take so long to make her interesting?
Anna Gunn’s NY Times Op-Ed doesn’t go far enough in explaining why her character is so hated, says Maureen Ryan. “‘Breaking Bad’ is an undoubtedly a great show, but, as is the case with too many television dramas, for while there it didn’t really know what to do with its female characters,” she writes. “The AMC drama clearly struggled to make Skyler and Marie Schrader … anything but subsidiary figures who rarely moved into — or deserved — the spotlight. Their behaviors and reactions were easy to predict, and if the writers didn’t show consistent interest in their emotional lives and the women’s inner depths, why would viewers care about them, let alone have positive responses to them?” PLUS: Is there really mass hatred for Skyler White?, and people, even women hate Skyler because she’s bitter and boring.

Report: Danny McBride wants Lindsay Lohan to star on his new HBO show

According to TMZ, McBride was really impressed by Lohan’s guest-starring gig on “Eastbound & Down.” PLUS: Watch the new “Eastbound” trailer.

“The Shield’s” Strike Team reunites

Check out Michael Chiklis with Kenny Johnson and Walton Goggins (but not David Rees Snell).

James Franco roast spoilers

Read the best jokes from last night’s taping.

Baltimore Ravens cancels practice, bring in Tracy Morgan
The defending Super Bowl champs decided to let the former “30 Rock” star entertain the players this weekend.

ESPN boss found the “Frontline” NFL concussions doc trailer to be “sensational”
ESPN president explains to his ombudsman that he particularly objected to the tagline, “Get ready to change the way you see the game.”

Adam West offers Ben Affleck advice on being the new Batman
“Bring deodorant”

Wentworth Miller’s “Prison Break” brother reacts to his coming out
“As a friend and someone I care for deeply, I am very proud of Wentworth,” says Dominic Purcell.

“The Walking Dead” offers a new sneak peek

Watch a new clip featuring Michonne.

Kim and Kanye’s baby photo helps boost Kris Jenner’s ratings
She had a season high with her season finale on Friday. PLUS: “Khloe & Lamar” separate.

Bart Simpson is not impressed

See what “The Simpsons” storyboard artist Brad Ableson drew for McKayla Maroney.

Peter Jackson won’t be directing “Doctor Who” in the near future
Despite an open invitation, Jackson will be working on the “Hobbit” for the next two years.

“Homeland” cast recaps the first two seasons
“From the beginning.”

Ex-“Gilmore Girls” star Scott Patterson spends $500,000 on a photograph

See the picture taken by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields.

“Knots Landing” star Julie Harris dies at 87
The Broadway icon won two Emmys, but not for her role as Lilimae Clements on “Knots Landing.”

“NCIS: LA” star Eric Christian Olsen welcomes his first child, a son
Actress Sarah Wright, who plays Jerry’s daughter on “Parks and Rec,” gave birth to Wyatt Oliver on Aug. 16.

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