Stephen Hawking weighs in on Eddie Redmayne’s ‘Theory of Everything’ performance

Have to hand it to Eddie Redmayne: The man gave himself over to the role of Stephen Hawking in “Theory of Everything.” Watching a new behind-the-scenes video, this is something of an objective fact. From choreographing Hawking”s degrading motor skills to the delicate makeup that would stunt his facial expressions ever so slightly to the demands of a non-linear shooting schedule, jumping from able to disabled in under an hour – well, it sounds like a workout. And we thought pilates were tough.

This new look at James Marsh” science-minded biopic focuses on Redmayne transformation, the four stages of illness that the actor portrays over the course of the film. Apparently the Best Actor contender nailed the rigid movements and curled ligaments that plagued Hawking in his early days; In an interview featured in the video, Hawking himself admits that, while watching Redmayne on screen, “I thought he was me.” Not a bad endorsement.

While I think Redmayne is exemplary in recreating Hawking, it”s Felicity Jones” work as as Jane Hawking that stands out. Her tenderness and inner-conflict isn”t as video-friendly, but it synthesizes the emotional impact of Redmayne physical work more than the actor”s own emotional arc. There would be no Jane without Stephen. Even more true when it comes to “Theory of Everything.”

Check out the insightful video below:

“The Theory of Everything” is in theaters now.

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