‘Stranger Things” David Harbour reveals the awful truth about that ‘damn dog’

Sooo…the dog on Stranger Things? Total nightmare to work with. This according to self-described “angry, messed-up dude” David Harbour (Chief Jim Hopper), who had such a terrible experience with the pooch during filming that he suffered an on-set meltdown. Seriously!

“The dog was the worst on the set,” said Harbour during an appearance on The Howard Stern Wrap Up Show, where several of the Netflix series' child stars are slated to appear next week. “There was a day with this dog that was the worst actor I've ever worked with in my life. […] The dog was just being a jerk. I never — I walked off set. I've never done that before. There's footage of me like throwing a fit, going like, 'I'm gonna be in my trailer!' and just storming off. Cause the damn dog wouldn't do what it was supposed to do. It was just supposed to bark at a thing…And there was a trainer who was off camera yelling like, 'C'mon, we gotta make our money, this is how we make our money!' And I was like, 'this is weird.'”

Dear Anonymous Stranger Things Crew Member: I would very much like to see that footage.

Happy #NationalDogDay, everyone.