Supercut: All 31 ‘Orange is the New Black’ Actors Who Have Been On ‘Law & Order’

“Orange is the New Black” is one of my favorite shows at the moment – smart, funny, emotionally resonant and blessed with a stellar cast of women of all shapes, sizes and colors. In other words: women you're not normally used to seeing on TV. Okay, unless they're playing thankless detective roles or ethnic stereotypes on “Law & Order.”

Speaking of that, it's not a big surprise that a whopping 31 cast members from the show have been featured in some capacity on the NBC procedural (a fact first discovered by Autostraddle). What is surprising is what Nerve has done with this information: painstakingly splicing together footage from each of the “OINTB” cast member's “L&O” episodes into one glorious supercut. My personal favorite moment? Has to be Constance Shulman's very “Yoga Jones” line reading: “They seem like good pee-pul!

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