Superman flies toward the light in brand new ‘Man of Steel’ poster

05.11.13 6 years ago

In case you you forgot, Warner Bros. would like to once again remind you that “Man of Steel,” Zack Snyder’s anticipated reboot of Superman is flying to a theater near you in just over a month. 

A brand new poster was unveiled on the film’s official Facebook page earlier today.

Like much of the film’s promotional art, it’s simple, bold and highlights the  of the classic super hero’s familiar iconography (with that long, bright red cape going up, up and away) as Supes (Henry Cavill) flies toward a bright light. It appears that he’s flying out of Metropolis, into the blue sky and toward the yellow sun that gives him his great power here on Earth. Although it may seem to imply that Superman will “die” again, let’s hope it’s instead just a cool way to present the hero without showing too much. 

So far, the posters have only featured the Man of Steel himself, without displaying his filmic allies or adversaries. Still, there’s a little bit of time before the movie hits screens, and it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise if Warners unleashed more posters. 

Check out the new poster here:

It also stars Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Christopher Meloni, and Russell Crowe.

“Man of Steel” opens June 14.

What do you think of the poster?

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