Surprise: Andrew Lincoln says ‘Walking Dead’ season 5 may be ‘Best Season Yet’

(CBR) AMC has released its first 'behind the scenes' video clip for the fifth season of “The Walking Dead,” providing glimpses at what's to come when the show returns on October 12. And while there's not much in the way of explicit spoilers, one thing seems obvious — Rick Grimes and company won't be spending much time in that box car.

In the video, series star Andrew Lincoln calls the premiere “the most ambitious first episode I think we've ever attempted… It moves like no other premiere we've ever shot before. And if this is anything to go by for the season, I think it's gonna be the best season yet.”

And if that's not enough to sate your zombie hunger, the network has also released a montage of action and kill shots highlighting the variety of kills and walkers the show has used over the last four seasons, with various cast members selecting their personal favorite kills, walkers and more.