Watch: Taylor Lautner on ‘super epic’ ‘Breaking Dawn, Pt. 2’ & going shirtless one last time

SAN DIEGO – Inquiring minds want to know: will Taylor Lautner go shirtless one final time(s) in “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”? Though the actor himself was far from definitive when I posed the question directly, I’m gonna go with “yes.”

“It’s possible, unfortunately,” he laughed, speaking to me on the Comic-Con press line for the upcoming “Twilight” finale. “Maybe.”

So what is he most excited for fans to see in this last installment?

“I just think seeing everything come to a close, as a whole,” he said. “I know it’s very general, but it’s been such a long ride, and there’s been so much going on, and this one really wraps up nicely. It has a very high point, it’s super, super epic, but it comes to a nice end, and I think it’ll be emotional for everyone to see.”

Indeed! I’m getting all choked up just thinking about it.

You can watch the rest of the interview, in which Lautner also talks about his upcoming projects, in the video above!

“The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2” is slated for release on November 16.