Watch: ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D”s Trey Songz talks honing his acting chops – and his physique

01.02.13 6 years ago

Whereas Tobe Hooper’s 1974 horror masterpiece “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” was essentially a sustained exercise in fear, the Leatherface franchise’s latest entry, this Friday’s “Texas Chainsaw 3D,” actually has a plot – not to mention a blurring of the divide between good and evil.

Starring as Heather Miller – a beautiful young woman who discovers she’s Leatherface’s cousin – actress Alexandra Daddario gets to have a lot of fun with the latter element. Indeed, as the story goes into overdrive, she finds her loyalties tested in a major way.

“It’s a great character to play because I do get to play that…terrified screaming running crying girl, and then it sort of, there’s this mystery element and this shift in who’s the good guy and who’s the bad guy and what she does with the information she finds out,” said Daddario when I sat down for a joint interview with she and R&B singer-turned-actor Trey Songz, who stars as Heather’s boyfriend Ryan. “It was really fun to play that shift and play that character.

As for Songz, who enjoys his first major screen role with the film, he not only gets to test out his acting chops but to exhibit one of his greatest assets: a chiseled upper body.

“I didn’t get to work out a lot actually when I was down there, but Alex [Daddario] will tell you like any time during the day I would drop down and do like 100 pushups, or 200,” said Songz when I asked him about his character’s extensive state of shirtlessness in the film. “Especially when i had the shirt off scenes, I would do pushups all day long!”

Don’t say you didn’t get your money’s worth.

Click on the link above for the full interview.

“Texas Chainsaw 3D” hits theaters this Friday.

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