The 10 essential ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ sketches

Praise be: The third season of “Inside Amy Schumer” begins on Tuesday. Since the Comedy Central series finally came out on DVD, we've been eagerly revisiting and re-screaming in hilarious awe at our favorite Schumer sketches. Here are the 10 essential “Inside Amy Schumer” sketches to prepare you for her third outing. 

10. The grim reality of “Hello M'Lady”-type guys

It is revelatory enough that “Inside Amy Schumer” pointed out the gross, creepy nature of dudes who say “Hello, m'lady,” as if their stately Renaissance Faire vibe is what any woman (or person) wants in their lives. Then she goes on to lacerate those dudes' affected, wounded self-absorption. This is a clear example of incisiveness specific to Schumer's work. 

9. Compliments? DO NOT ACCEPT ONE, LADIES. 

Remember, ladies: Accepting a compliment is unbecoming. Always deflect the compliment and call yourself a golden retriever's dingleberry. Or DIE. 

8. Let's talk about sext. 

The sext convo here is glorious enough, but Amy's friend who hopelessly mutters “Just be yourself” is guffaw-worthy too.

7. Putting the “PR” in prom

When Amy tries to boost her reputation by becoming a celebrity prom date, she's met with some opposition, namely a chaperone at the prom who mistakes her for an intruder and says, “Excuse me, ma'am, the ALANON meeting is on Sunday.” Ali Wong is also hilarious as Amy's agent.

6. The tyranny of “chicks who can hang”

Only 16 years after “There's Something About Mary” exalted women whose interests are exactly the same as the average dude's, Amy Schumer reminds us how stupid it is that women should want to be “chicks who can hang.” I do love that girl from “Rambo” though.

5. Work it out.

I might actually go to a pilates class if Amy Schumer will be there explaining my worthlessness to me. Her choice in breakfast food is surprising.

4. Two girls, one cup, zero remorse.

When Amy is tasked to recreate the internet phenomenon “2 Girls, 1 Cup,” she almost makes the mistake of realizing female objectification is an insidious and disgusting part of everyday life. My favorite line in the video, from the horrid employer to Amy's costar: “Thanks for flying yourself here from Brazil.”

3. No, no, no, I'm so bad.

If there is one single line of dialogue from “Inside Amy Schumer” that best represents the feel of the show, it is “I was cyber-bullying my niece on Instagram the other day and I literally ate fifteen mini-muffins. I'm so bad.” 

2. The Foodroom

This fantastic parody of Aaron Sorkin dramas gives Amy the chance to tangle with “Good Wife” star Josh Charles, mock the rampant sexism in several Sorkin productions, and treat fast food production with the urgency of a “West Wing” debate. I only wish Jane Fonda could've toasted her “Newsroom” role and played an ambitious McDonald's overlord here.

1. Amy's too girly to understand A Very Realistic Military Game

It's hilarious. It's provocative. It's harsh. It's the best. Amy Schumer's sendup of military video games — complete with an awesome graphic of a female cadet signing papers for hours — is a perfect example of why her show is so necessary. An impeccable sketch.