‘The Apparition’ star Ashley Greene talks horror movies and video games

“The Apparition” is the latest horror film trying to scare you to death (and back again), and HitFix’s Chris Eggertsen sat down with star Ashley Greene and director Todd Linclon to talk about the film, horror history, crying on cue and more. 

In the film, Greene and Sebastian Stan play a young couple whose home is terrorized by apparitions conjured up in a college parapsychology experiment gone wrong.

In the above video, the “Twilight” star talks about the guys who auditioned to play to the evil hands who grope her in the film(as seen on the poster), and the difficulty of crying on cue over and over.

As far as her preferred horror films, Greene cites “Rosemary’s Baby” and “The Shining” (which she calls “terrifying”). However, “Poltergeist” was the biggest influence on the “The Apparition,” which attempts to emulate the 1985 film by “toying with your emotions and feeding on your fear.” She also admits — somewhat surprisingly — to being a tomboy growing up, even obsessing over video games. 

Below, first-time director Lincoln talks about what he think makes a film scary these days, suggesting that audiences’  imaginations are the best tool a filmmaker has. He says that scares come from the things “you don’t see and what we don’t show and what’s not explained.”

For “The Apparition,” Lincoln combined styles from films from throughout the decades, like “Poltergeist,” John Carpenter’s “Prince of Darkness” and the more recent “The Strangers,” while staying grounded in the real life paranormal experiments that have performed since the ’70s.

Does he believe in the supernatural? “Yes, absolutely,” Lincoln states, revealing that he grew up in a supposedly haunted house in Tulsa, Okla.

The film also stars Tom Felton (Draco in the “Harry Potter” films), Julianna Guill, and Luke Pasqualino.

“The Apparition” is now in theaters.