The Bullet Points: Who Weeps for Comic-Con

06.19.15 4 years ago

We”re deep into Emmy nominations season here in Hollywood. A time when young people sit in round tables with reporters and talk about playing the characters they play in hopes of TV Academy glory.  But Hollywood isn”t all just special For Your Consideration issues.  The business of entertainment goes on.  And here”s how it went in your bullet points for June 19th.

• Is a Comic-Con without Marvel, Sony and Paramount still a Comic-Con?
Looks like someone forgot the old adage about dancing with the nerd who brung you. (Except that nerds don”t go to dances, so maybe it doesn”t apply.) The big studios these days fuel their Dassault Falcon fleet with $1000 bills plucked straight from the pockets of the world”s superhero fans. And all they ask in return is that once a year, the stars parade before them in a giant conference hall, make some homoerotic jokes about sexual tension on the set, and unveil a photo of their new villain”s shoe closet.  But apparently that”s too much for some studios, who are skipping the event this year.  Speaking to Variety: “It wasn”t a knock against Comic-Con,” one spokesperson explains, “the film cycles just didn”t allow it.”
If there”s one other thing America”s nerds are experts in, it”s getting the brush off. So if studios think they can get away with the old, “Its not you, it”s us line” here, we wish them well.

• Lena Headey”s body double speaks
We make liberal use of the terms “speaks out” and “breaks her silence” these days, both of which are used in the head and subhead of EW”s otherwise fascinating interview with Lena Headey”s body double from the shame walk scene in the Game of Thrones finale.  “Speaking out” used to mean speaking out against something, but now it apparently means, just talking.  “This morning I was speaking out at Starbucks when i asked that my latte not have too much foam.”  And “breaking his/her silence” used to mean, a person was keeping silent, i.e., refusing requests to speak. Now it just appears to mean, she spoke. “I was asked what time it was and checked the clock on the wall, breaking my silence to reply, ‘ten-fifteen.”  But if it makes for a good headline, whom am I to not keep silent?
Nudity and shame aside, the body double, Rebecca Van Cleave broke her silence to give one of the most inspirational descriptions of what its like to achieve the Hollywood dream that I”ve ever read. “I never in a million years would have thought I would be in Dubrovnik surrounded by hundreds of extras and crew members throwing food at me, but it was amazing.”

The Sullystakes are Over!  Hanks Wins!
Condolences to the families  Seagal, Johnson, Neeson and Stallone. And reminder that the lead in the upcoming Jon Goesslin biopic/musical.

• Obama Comes to Lorre
The President of the United States made the journey that even the mightiest must take when their day comes – to the Pacific Palisades home of producer Chuck Lorre. There he had the opportunity to join Keifer Sutherland and Matthew Perry in what Variety described as “a 'long, thoughtful' and serious discussion about issues.”  And with such conversation partners, what else could it be?

• Will Jurassic World Become the Biggest Movie of all Time?
The Wrap asks the question, and in the final paragraph answered it. According to America”s favorite quotee Paul Dergarabedian, “Probably not.”
Phew, that was close.

• Season two of “Fargo” will feature a bird.
Also some trees, and flashes of light.

• Stunt woman dropped.

• Merle Ginsburg analyzes the latest trends in trophy wives and makes a convincing case that there are trends in trophy wives. Specifically that the trend in marrying an Asian waitress has been replaced by the trend of marrying a blonde yoga instructor. A Hollywood relationship therapist gives her the key quote, “Dating a yoga teacher acts as needed Prozac to cope with the high-stress Hollywood lifestyle.”
So for all the young women out there, planning for a life as a human pharmaceutical to a 50″something Hollywood money-person who is not spiritually stimulated by his spouse of 20 years, read up and rebrand quick.

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