The People Vs. O.J. is over…but was it any good?

04.06.16 3 years ago

Warning: Spoilers for the finale of The People Vs. O.J. follow…

The People Vs. O.J. Simpson has aired its final episode, and in some ways it feels similar to when the trial itself concluded, which seems exactly right.

In the video above or below, Alan Sepinwall and Roth Cornet review the finale for The People Vs. O.J. Simpson and ask if the series nailed the landing.

We're all also wondering what to do next, so we discuss what American Crime Story is going to tackle and what we'd like them to.

Is there a series your looking at to fill in The People Vs. O.J. void? Is there one that can? The Jinx, perhaps? What case would you like to see American Crime Story tackle next?

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